In a previous post, we covered the benefits of moving your business online. We also covered online back up of your info with Beyond cost savings and safety of your data, we strive for ease of doing business. For you, this is simply ensuring you get your documents to us by using Hubdoc. We take care of the rest.

But, what about staying in touch? And what if I want to clear something up with my Blueprint team? What if I need some insight into my most recent Profit & Loss statement? How can I get in touch with my accountants if they are not in-house? 

With our clients, we use Slack for messaging, Zoom for video chats, and ShareFile for file sharing.

So, how do these work for seamless online collaboration?

Tools of the online office

Slack is the market leader in messaging communication and collaboration. Clients message us through it for quick questions or updates to ongoing work. It can also be used to upload documents and link directly to cloud storage platforms such as ShareFile.

ShareFile is used for cloud storage. We can request files from clients and give them access to specific folders and files. More importantly, it features bank-grade security – our clients can rest easy knowing their sensitive info is well-guarded.

Zoom is a video chat platform that creates online face-to-face meetings. While it’s nice to look someone in the eye and shake their hand, at least one of those is taken care of by using Zoom. It also features a screen sharing option – our clients can let us navigate their screens should they need assistance with something – and this is also possible on mobile devices.

Messaging, file sharing, and video chat, all integrated to create a seamless collaboration workflow. We show you how to with no extra cost to you.

We understand running a small business is complicated. Your financials shouldn’t be. Take the guesswork out of the accounting and let us help you build your blueprint for success.

Contact us today for your free assessment to find out how Blueprint Accounting can support your business.