Phone dropped in the toilet. Oh no! You had forgotten to back up your family vacation photos from Mexico and now they’re down the drain!

In the world of online technology, we know the importance of backing up our treasured memories. Like precious family photos—it’s just as important to back up your businesses’ books and financial accounts in case disaster strikes.

Having an automatic backup that seamlessly integrates into our accounting software is vital and ensures our team and clients have peace of mind.

That’s why we turn to Rewind for Quickbooks Online backups.

We spoke to Mike Potter, the CEO of Rewind, who co-founded the company in 2015. He told us that he’s obsessed with backups—and first brought the Rewind backup system to Shopify and BigCommerce, before launching a secure backup solution for Quickbooks Online in 2017.*

What are some examples of disasters you have heard of from clients where they didn’t have a backup of their financials?

Mike – We’ve heard so many cases: a 3rd party app integration going wrong, a client making changes without consulting their accountant, importing a large data set incorrectly.


You don’t realize what a nightmare it is to lose something as simple as who owes you money until you have to rebuild that data for the last couple of months.

What are the 3 biggest benefits you’ve seen with clients using Rewind?

Mike – The most common yet unexpected benefit that clients tell us they get from Rewind is being able to sleep better at night. Backups and data security doesn’t sound very exciting until you realize that it can give business owners and accountants a lot of anxiety, especially if they’ve experienced a major data loss before. It’s very rewarding to give people that peace of mind.


The second biggest benefit is time saved. When something goes wrong in your QuickBooks Online account and you don’t have a backup, it could take hours, if not days, to clean up the mess.


Finally, it’s giving people greater control and freedom with their cloud accounting data.

How does Rewind fit into the cloud accounting ecosystem?

Mike – Rewind is helping make people feel comfortable with cloud accounting.


We’ve heard from many people still using desktop accounting software that the biggest hurdle holding them back from switching to cloud accounting software is not having control over their own backups.


That’s not to say that cloud-based platforms like QuickBooks are not secure or backed up. In fact, they spend a tremendous amount of time and effort fixing any potential security issues and updating their software. But it’s important to know that the vendor’s disaster recovery backup is only intended to be used in case of a disaster on their end, such as a server crashing and taking down hundreds of accounts. If something happens in your individual account, such as accidentally deleting transactions, most cloud accounting vendors won’t be able to use their disaster recovery backup to help you.


That’s where Rewind comes in to bridge the gap. By giving people control and access to their own backups of QuickBooks Online, they can recover lost data and rewind their account to a previous point in time whenever they need to. It even eliminates the need to remember to “run your backup” since it’s automated for them.

Having control over your own backups provides you with access to previous, secure versions that you can browse and restore to at any time. And by ensuring your backups are scheduled to be done automatically—you never have to worry about another task on the list.

Ensure that a backup tool like Rewind is part of your cloud-based accounting toolbox so that you can have peace of mind.

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*interview has been condensed for length



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