With the Canada Summer Jobs program, each year, the Canadian government is determined to help students and business owners succeed. That’s why the federal Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion put a spotlight on more than 150,000 Canada Summer Jobs openings anyone can apply for at jobbank.gc.ca/youth.  

As summer draws near, young entrepreneurs, dreamers, or hard-working individuals alike can seize a myriad of opportunities that consider diverse fields. This means anyone can go from a job in the food industry to fitness centres, making it possible to explore different options for unique skill sets. 

What Does the Canada Summer Jobs Program Involve?  

The Canada Summer Jobs Program is under the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy, so it primarily caters to young workers looking to land a career. In addition to job openings in several fields, people also can work full-time or part-time, making this program highly flexible to meet the youth’s needs.   

While it’s only set for the summer at the moment, the government is initiating placements to continue the program up to February 26, 2022. Not to mention, governments also increased the wage subsidy in both private and public sectors, wherein they can receive up to 75 percent of the minimum hourly wage and 100 percent for not-for-profit organizations.   

An Overview of Government Efforts to Provide Career Opportunities for the Youth  

With a budget of $7.4 billion invested in helping young Canadians land much-needed jobs, communities can expect to see the following positive changes:

  • The Youth Employment and Skills Strategy has placed 30,600 new jobs for 2021 to 2022; 
  • Canada Summer Jobs has placed over 220,000 jobs over the program’s 2021 and 2022 seasons; 
  • 50,000 work-integrated learning placements through the Student Work Placement Program in 2021–2022; 
  • 28,000 training and work opportunities for young Canadians through the Canada Digital Technology Adoption program in 2021–2022. 

The Bottom Line: Moving Forward Together in a Post-Pandemic World with Canada’s Summer Jobs Program  

Canada is determined to provide young Canadians with a chance to take on meaningful careers by providing job opportunities despite these uncertain times, allowing aspiring professionals to move forward and shape their dreams amidst the challenges everyone faces today.  

Blueprint Accounting is committed to providing opportunities to youth across Canada by requesting multiple roles through the Canada Summer Jobs Program. We want the youth of Canada to have an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and further their career.  

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