Wow! Episode two was pretty awesome. I’m the type of person who likes to sit and enjoy the episode in the moment and then once it’s done, I’ll do a little more research into who the characters are. There were some new characters I learned about. As I said in the last article about episode one, I do love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I never got into the comics too heavy when I was younger, so the research is “required” after I learn something in an episode. 

Alright, enough of the nerding out about Marvel. Let’s talk a different nerd language and take a look at what processes were revealed in episode two.  

There were three processes that I thought were fascinating to see unravel during the course of the second episode, and ones that are extremely important to any business. They are: 

  1. New employee training;  
  2. After Action Reviews; and 
  3. Testing your theories 

All processes are important within your business, but these ones really stick out for the extreme amount of value they can bring. 

New employee training 

It was so interesting to me that the writers had incorporated some form of new employee training or onboarding within this episode. Loki was approved to work with Mobius (Owen Wilson) in the field to try to apprehend another variant of Loki. We’re shown Loki dressed up in office attire, sitting at a desk while learning from a holographic clock that is quizzing him on the history of the TVA. We don’t get too far down the rabbit hole with how much training has happened but we can assume there’s been enough for Loki to be allowed in the field with Mobius.  

Section 1 image for Marvel’s Loki and the Process-driven World of the TVA – episode 2

New employee training is so important to your business. Your new hire is just as excited to start with your business as you are to have them, so you really want to make them feel welcomed from day one. And, of course, ensure they get the right training to do their job correctly. Without the right training and onboarding for a new employee, they’ll be lost wondering how they even do their job.  

Too often in the accounting profession, there’s an expectation that you hit the ground running. While that would be the best-case scenario, there are just too many variables within a role that requires proper onboarding and training. For example: 

  • What is the business all about? What’s the history of the business?  
  • What are the mission, vision, and values?  
  • Who does the new hire report to?  
  • How does the new hire get help during onboarding? 
  • What is the training schedule over a certain timeframe?  
  • How is the training delivered?  
  • And many more questions to be answered 

Having a strong new employee training program will set you and your new hire on the path to success. 

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 After Action Reviews (AAR) 

This is a great tool for learning what went wrong during an engagement, project, or other forms of work. During an AAR, team members meet and discuss how to be better at whatever product or service they are providing.  

We see this displayed in episode two in two ways: 

1. When Mobius meets with his boss, the judge, Ravonna, to discuss how a recent field exercise went wrong while having Loki tagging along for the ride; and 

Section 2a image for Marvel’s Loki and the Process-driven World of the TVA – episode 2

 2. When Loki reviews his own case files of past instances where his variants caused some mischief so that he could help Mobius capture the variant they are chasing 

Section 2b image for Marvel’s Loki and the Process-driven World of the TVA – episode 2

When I say AARs are crucial in your business, I mean it. The best way anyone learns is by failing. And if you aren’t failing at something then you have a bigger problem. No one is perfect, so you can’t expect to not make mistakes. That’s where the AAR comes in to help reveal what really went wrong and how you can look towards the future so that the same problem doesn’t happen again.  

Point two above leads us to the last process that we witnessed in this episode that Loki himself discovered. 


Testing your theories 

It’s easy to get complacent in business and rely on the old way of doing things. Change is inevitable and the best way to handle change is to test your theories.  

In this episode, we see Loki thinking through the process of how the Loki variant goes unnoticed throughout history. Reviewing case files, linking patterns together, and theorizing that the variant is hiding in plain sight within an apocalypse somewhere in the history of time.  

Loki explains this to Mobius using a salad bowl and adding various ingredients. You’ll have to watch the episode to understand the metaphor. 

Section 3 image for Marvel’s Loki and the Process-driven World of the TVA – episode 2

After convincing Mobius to test this theory, we’re shown Loki and Mobius visiting Pompeii, Italy in 79 AD, right before Pompeii is destroyed. Loki starts rambling to the locals in Italian while Mobius tracks any variance in the timeline. Much to Mobius’ surprise, the theory is proven accurate because no variance is found in the timeline from Loki effectively changing history by mingling with the… Pompeiians(?).  

As you go about building your business, you need to give yourself some time to think, strategize, and theorize. If I do X, how will that impact my business? If I do Y, what could happen? Theorizing about these tactics and how they help your overall strategy is one thing, but actually testing them is what moves the needle. 

Business in 2021 is all about being nimble. That starts with testing your theories and iterating on them as you gather more data to measure how your theory performs. If it’s accurate and has a net positive result, do more of that. If it’s the opposite, it’s back to the drawing board to theorize some more.  



These three processes we witnessed in episode two of Marvel’s Loki are very important to your business. Make sure you think about them accordingly to aid in the success of your business.  

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