Episode 5 isn’t so much about a process, but rather an overall theme: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. I’m sure you’ve heard that line before but it’s quite evident in this episode. 

Right from the first scene where Sylvie and Ravonna are discussing the TVA and discovering who’s behind it, we see Sylvie’s intentions of finding Loki after he’s been pruned.   

Jump forward to The Void and the Lokis working together to get away from Alioth. There’s Lots of bickering, our favorite Loki trying to figure out a way to get out of The Void, and laughter from the other Lokis from his crazy ideas.   

Flip back to Sylvie and Ravonna discussing how to find the person behind the TVA and we see Sylvie pruned herself! What?!? Very shocking in the moment but, let’s face it, this is really teamwork at the heart of her intentions. Maybe a sprinkle of love.  

Annnnd we’re back to The Void. The Lokis are schooling our favorite Loki on their pasts and how The Void works. He wants to leave and is confronted at the top of the ladder to the Loki Lair by even more Lokis, led by a Tom Hiddleston-looking Loki with a crown.   

Back to The Void where we see Sylvie waking up and she is being chased by Alioth. Who shows up? Owen Wilson… err… Mobius. There’s some unexpected teamwork right here. Mobius saves Sylvie and they discuss what’s going on in The Void.  

Back to the Loki Lair and there’s a big Loki brawl. We get our first taste of the Lokis using teamwork to escape the Loki Lair back out to The Void. more of that to come in this episode.     

Finally, Mobius drives Sylvie up to our favorite Loki and they are reunited. The Lokis discuss a plan to get Sylvie and Loki past Alioth to confront the person on the other side of The Void. Sylvie and Loki are going to enchant Alioth.   

As Sylvie and Loki confront Alioth, things aren’t going so well for our heroes (anti-heroes?) and we see Classic Loki step in and use his powers of illusion to rebuild Asgard within The Void to distract Alioth while Sylvie and Loki regroup. More teamwork to make that dream work.   

Eventually, Sylvie and Loki enchant Alioth together, using their combined strength. A very touching back and forth between them occurs:  

Sylvie: we’re going to enchant it  

Loki: I don’t know how  

Sylvie: you do, because we’re the same  


Followed by a lovely scene of them staring into each other’s eyes.    

Classic Loki sacrifices himself while Sylvie and Loki work on enchanting Alioth and BOOM we get to see what’s behind Alioth at the end of time. On to the final episode!  

So, let’s talk about what we have seen in this episode and how it relates to your business. I said it multiple times above and I’ll say it again: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. Say it with me: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.   

If you are running a true one-person business – no employees or contractors – and relying solely on your own skills, then hats off to you. Not as much teamwork is making your dream work. It’s just you!  

But if you have employees and/or contractors working in your business, then you really need to rely on solid teamwork to deliver your product or service. That’s what we see in this episode – Team Loki works together to get to the end of time to figure out who is really the marionette master, pulling all the strings.   

Teamwork is one of Blueprint’s core values because we know how important it is to work collaboratively with our team members and clients. We provide a service that our clients need and if we can’t work collaboratively as a team then the relationship will fail.     

Blueprint’s core value of teamwork is worded like this: Poor communication erodes teamwork and collaboration. Knowing this, we always respect each other’s time and set expectations, which creates a better environment for teamwork. We are an extension of our client’s businesses with a focus on tax and bookkeeping because everyone needs a specialist in their corner.  

My advice on teamwork is simple: figure out what your philosophy is around teamwork and then preach it to everyone on your team and to your clients/customers. Live and breathe that philosophy so much that it becomes a virtue, and you act in that way every day. Because without teamwork, your dream most certainly will not work.   

If you’ve gotten this far into the blog, here are some excellent articles explaining why collaboration and teamwork are so important in any organization: 

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If you want to work with a team that values teamwork and collaboration, look no further than Blueprint Accounting. Reach out to us today to see how we can collaborate. 

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