Happy Thanksgiving! Here at Blueprint, we love the turkey, the gravy, the cranberry, and all the sweets that normally accompany the annual celebration of harvest and other blessings of the past year.

We cannot speak to the harvest side of things, but we can certainly give thanks to our new fantastic business relationships of the past year. We’ve grown substantially because of new introductions, new business, and new opportunities. We’re very much thankful for these – specifically for three huge parts that help make our business tick. Read on.


Forward-thinking clients


Our clients are the backbone of our business. Without them, we don’t exist. It helps to have so many amazing clients to work with and who view us as reliable business partners in their own success. We are thankful to them for being open to change – change in the form of Blueprint implementing AI & machine-learning apps that allow us to create an efficient bookkeeping experience. This allows us to shift our attention to the immediate needs of our clients, which is to see things before they happen – and advise them on a better course of action for their business.


App partners


To be thankful to having a great network of app partners would be an understatement. This is the crux of our online business, without which we would not be able to offer quick turnaround time on client requests, offer customized solutions, or ensure deliverables are met above expectations. Whether it be the awesome team at TSheets, or the people that make payroll happen like clockwork, we know they have our back – which in turn have our clients back.


Online collaboration


The online world is extremely friendly and collaborative. We regularly reach out to our accounting peers for insight, questions, and advice. Whether it’s being requested to host or attend a webinar for additional insight into a software, or regularly communicating through Facebook groups, we love our online community. Trust us when we say this: the online bookkeeping and accounting industry is flourishing, and it’s all due to the collaboration with our peers. This allows us to better serve our clients as they benefit from established industry best practices.

So, to our clients, app partners, and online collaborators, we say Thank You for being amazing at what you do. You lift us up so that we can provide a better experience to everyone we interact with.

Happy Thanksgiving from Your Blueprint Team!

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