Your books are not looking great.

Your paper invoices and receipts are piling up—filling a shoebox on the corner of your desk.

Everyday you promise that you will tackle them and take charge of your businesses’ books, but today turns into tomorrow, which turns into next month—and the shoebox fills up. Now, staff and vendors aren’t being paid, your facing penalties and interest—and the Canada Revenue Agency is starting to knock on your door.

Good news is Blueprint Accounting can help.

We’ll help clear out the shoebox

Don’t lose any more sleepless nights—or worse, risk losing your business.

Contact us for a free assessment and get started with our Historic Account Reconciliation service. Our highly-skilled CPAs and accounting specialists will work with you to sort through your businesses’ immediate priorities and get your books caught up quickly.

We have experience in helping small businesses and solopreneurs get back on their feet. Whether you are a consultant, software firm, non-profit, or health care provider—you aren’t alone.

Path to success

You’ll gain trusted accountants that will work with you to set you on the path to success.

Once you are caught up, we will develop a plan to ensure you don’t fall behind again—whether you choose to go with one of our monthly plans or supporting you to do your books in-house.

We understand running a small business is complicated. Your financials shouldn’t be. Take the guess work out of the accounting and let us help you build your blueprint for success.

Contact us today for your free assessment to find out how Blueprint Accounting can support your business.

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